Hip Hop Science Day Comes to the National Institutes of Health 2nd Annual Mentoring in Medicine Virtual Summer Camp HIGHLIGHTING AN MIM PROGRAM The MIM-NY Science and Health Careers Exploration After School Program Sponsored by The National Library of Medicine and The Friends of the National Library of Medicine Students from six NYC schools participate [...]

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College Students/Post-baccalaureate Students Emergency Department Clinical Exposure and Mentoring Program at Montefiore Medical Center     Volunteer in a busy Emergency Department     Shadow certified Nurses, Physicians Assistants and Doctors     Attend seminars on study skills, test preparation and leadership skills Applications available at Deadline to apply May 15, 2013   Community Health Ambassador Program Learn about [...]


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The place to connect students with healthcare professionals   —————— to be moved elsewhere: VISION We envision a global village that allows anyone to reach their goal of becoming  a healthcare professional.    



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