Nurturing TOMORROW'S Health Care Professionals TODAY!

MIM-NY Programs

Annual Conference “Yes, I can be a Healthcare Professional!”

  • Middle School Students to Health Professionals

Health Professional Leadership Development Seminars

  • Health Professional Students, Residents, Junior Faculty and Health Professionals
  • Quarterly seminars that address issues such as wellness, leadership development, financial success, social skills and academic promotion.

Emergency Department Clinical Exposure and Mentoring Program

  • Undergraduate and Post-Baccalaureate Students
  • Internship that provides experience and exposure needed for underrepresented students to become physicians, PA’s, dentists or scientists including volunteering, shadowing, research exposure and strategic planning

The “Yes, I Can” Future Health Professional Afterschool Club

  • Elementary to High School Students
  • Monthly meetings featuring hand-on interactive exposure to various health professions.      

“Check it Out” Pathway to Success and “Ask the Expert” Seminars

  • Elementary to Health Professional Students 
  • Invited lecture series delivered by qualified members of our speaker’s bureau upon request.                                               

Mentor a Future Health Professional Campaign

  • Health Professionals (Doctors, Physician Assistants, Public Health Officers, Nurses, Optometrists, Radiology Technicians, Respiratory Therapists,   Paramedics) train to become a certified MIM mentor. Participate in seminars and annual conference. Allow a student to shadow you and provide guidance for successful career growth.


Working Team

Lynne Holden, MD
President, Mentoring in Medicine

Beryl Jeffers MA, M Ed
Director of Educational Services

Yvette Calderon, MD
Director of Research

Talaia Lawrence
Program Coordinator

Joanne Perrineau
Program Coordinator, Emergency Department Clinical
Exposure and Mentoring Program at Montefiore


Contact Info:

Mentoring in Medicine, Inc.
Department of Emergency Medicine
Rosenthal SE, Room 201
111 East 210th Street
Bronx, NY 10467
(212) 252-4086
FAX: (718) 798-0703